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The Orange Liquor Accord is a voluntary agreement between local licensees, Police, Council and the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing to help prevent alcohol-related anti-social behaviour and improve the perception of safety and appeal of the City of Orange.

Nature of the Orange Liquor Accord?

The Orange Liquor Accord is a liquor accord constituted in accordance with the Liquor Act of 2007, including S134 (terms of local liquor accords). The Liquor Accord is to be a member-based, unincorporated association that will operate under the auspices of the Orange Ex-Services’ Club.

Aim of the Orange Liquor Accord?

The Orange Liquor Accord aims to provide a safe social environment with licensees actively participating in measures to reduce alcohol-related violence, anti-social behaviour, crime or other alcohol-related harm in and around licensed venues, by;


  • Improving compliance with the liquor licensing laws;

  • Improving safety and the perception of safety in the Orange area;

  • Improving working relationships between, licensees, councils, patrons, residents and police;

  • Improving and maintaining amenities in and around the premises to create a safe drinking environment and to ensure they do not have a negative impact on the local area;

  • Eliminating underage drinking.


The Orange Liquor Accord encompasses the Local Government Area. The Orange Liquor Accord also welcomes participants from the surrounding local government areas of Cabonne and Blayney.

Orange Liquor Accord Performance Indicators

The key performance indicators for assessing the Orange Liquor Accord’s aims and principles are:

  • Reducing alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour in and around licensed venues;

  • Improving the public perception of the City of Orange is a safe and secure environment;

  • Growing the number of licensees in the city and surrounding areas who are members of the Orange Liquor Accord.

Principles of the Orange Liquor Accord

It is the responsibility of each licensed venue to prevent patrons from becoming intoxicated, by:

  • Talking to patrons to get to know their drinking patterns and intentions;

  • Ensuring all staff are trained in the responsible service of alcohol;

  • Ensuring good communication amongst the staff;

  • Serving free water and keeping water available at all times;

  • Promoting low or mid-strength alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages and food;

  • Waiting for patrons to re-order, not automatically topping up drinks;

  • Having food available at all times, whilst alcohol is served.

Advertising and Promotions

Advertising and promotion of alcoholic beverages must:

  • Present a mature, balanced and responsible approach to the consumption of alcoholic beverages and, accordingly;

  1. Will promote safe drinking practices;

  2. Must not encourage excessive consumption or abuse of alcohol;

  3. Must not encourage under-aged drinking;

  4. Must not promote offensive behaviour or the excessive consumption, misuse or abuse of alcoholic beverages;

  5. Must only depict the responsible and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages;

  • Actively promote the Orange Liquor Accord principles and track the results;

  • Participate in the community education programs and promote the responsible service of alcohol;

  • Not conduct any activity or promotion that will result in patrons engaging in irresponsible, rapid or excessive consumption of liquor or unsafe activities;

  • Not encourage consumption that is in excess of, or inconsistent with the Australian Alcohol Guidelines issued by the NHMRC.

Alcohol Free Zone Map

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