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The Orange Liquor Accord is a voluntary agreement between local licensees, Police, Council and the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing to help prevent alcohol-related anti-social behaviour and improve the perception of safety and appeal of the City of Orange.


We encourage all licensees to join the accord and be part of this great community initiative and take advantage of the valuable networking opportunities with other members.


Amendments to Liquor Legislation came into effect in early 2015, and being a part of your accord: becoming a member, attending meetings, receiving updates: is a great way to stay informed and develop your business.

Be a part of the Orange Liquor Accord?

The Benefits


Developing Relationships

Develop an effective working relationship with Police NSW, Liquor and Gaming NSW, Orange City Council and other business and community groups.

Build these relationships and networks with inclusion in local projects raised and implemented by the Orange Liquor Accord.


Sourcing Relevant Information

Orange Liquor Accord provides a great source of information, support and the chance to network with fellow licensees in your local area. 

Receive notifications, advisements and other important information as sent from Liquor & Gaming NSW. 


Ongoing Liquor Accord Meetings

Be invited to regular Liquor Accord meetings with relevant, interesting and informative topics raised with the opportunity to discuss local issues with other licensees.

Recieve updates on new initiatives, amendments and changes to legislation, and police alerts in regard to local issues.


Doing our part for the Orange community

The Orange Liquor Accord aims to reduce alcohol related violence, underage drinking, anti-social behaviour and crime.


Members can assist improving neighbourhoods, ensuring compliance with the liquor laws and improve safety for patrons and local communities.

Our Major Supporters


Get in Touch with
Orange Liquor Accord?

Need to know more information about our Accord? Have a question about becoming a member? Get in touch today! We are more than willing to assist with your enquiry. 

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